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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

Thanks to the guys at West Pennine Motorcycle Training. They took me, a complete novice through CBT and onto passing my A2 licence in 6 days.

Starting on the first day with a super warm welcome, making me feel relaxed, and involved. They started slowly, and progressively. Taking me from a wobbly stop start, learning simple clutch control, through weaving through cones, and managing the rear break. Each step carefully gauged to build on the previous.

On the second day I was on the road and completed my CBT.

They generated a huge sense of trust, they were teaching me to ride a bike, not just prepping me to pass a test, I knew that by trusting their guidance, I would gain life saving skills.

Every day spent with the instructors, cemented the realisation they were making me safe on the road, their never ending enthusiasm, dedication and humour made each day pass quickly.

I passed, with one minor fault on the Mod 1 and no minor faults on the Mod 2.

I will remember their advice and guidance as I pick my first bike and begin riding on my own.

The biggest thanks.

Thanks to everyone at West Pennine for their support in getting me to the level to pass both my mod 1 and mod 2 tests.

Special thanks to the geezer from the freezer who is so chilled out - and gave me a brilliant understanding of how to use the bike and the many techniques on how to be a good rider.

Mod 2 test day came - and I rode the way you guys taught me - and passed with no drama - thanks so much for all your support.

I will be booking in for some advanced training once I take delivery of my new motorbike - thank you once again

Just got my CBT this morning 15/8/15 after a pretty bad first attempt on the 12th. Went back and did it ok. I would like to thank the advisor for his patience with me and explaining everything clearly. For someone who has never even sat on a bike let alone ridden one on a public highway I was rather nervous but was put at ease by the way he spoke about how to approach riding on the road. Once again thank you very much. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend West Pennine

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for getting me through my test from Mod 1 with no faults to Mod 2 with only 3 minors Big thanks to Steve and Dave for the lessons was a great experience and already got my first big bike CBR 600F will be recommending WPM to anyone that asks.

Hi Yvonne,

I meant to send you all a "thank you" email last week after passing my m2, but I was too excited going "bike shopping" to be bothered with mundane things like that...

Please pass on my thanks to Chris for the full Sunday of one-to-one instruction - absolutely kn*****ing, but I think it made all the difference (especially finally getting rid of my dodgy, self-taught, scooter riding habits). Also a big thank you to Steve for getting the core stuff sorted during the week course, then applying the final "polish" on the morning of my test. I suppose I should also thank Dave for sorting out my "dodgy" breaking habits - but I don't want any thanks to go to his head... :-) Seriously, it was good to hear that Ian passed OK - I was quite worried for a while when he collapsed... I did a shift with the ambulance service last Saturday night and told the guys about what happened - they seem to think I "engineered" Ian collapsing just to show I was actually some use even if I couldn't ride a bike at that stage...

I took delivery of my ER-6F today -I just took it to the garage to fill up with petrol, but managed to do a 45 mile round trip just "to make sure everything was OK...." (the shape of things to come possibly). If you need a testimonial for your web-site, please let me know. Also, if you feel like you'd want to advertise directly to HM Forces, either to guys approaching resettlement at the end of their military careers, or guys who are still in via the military discounts brochure/web-site (maybe a way to fill-up business during those long winters ??) give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction.

Thanks again


After just 1 day of (expert) tuition I passed my Mod 2. Even on the 1st day of the new test! I can't thank everyone enough!

I booked B&B, but decided to go home instead. The Mrs was struggling with the babies.

I'm not expecting a refund, but do you think you might be able to arrange for me to take my partner to the B&B at your favourable rates?

The more I save, the sooner I can afford my bike!

Thanks again, everybody!




Just wanted to say thanks to yourself, Steve, Alan, Chris and Terry for getting me up to speed on a bike and getting me through all the tests. Getting on my bike and riding off on my own feels great. Your training was worth every penny, especially since a trip to work on the bike costs me £8, compared to about £25 in the RS6. I hope to see you soon for the ERS.


Hi Dave Just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for getting me through my DAS Test this morning. I would also like to thankChris who took me out for two days and Steve whose constant commentary on what I should be doing whilst riding ensured I put it in to practice during my test. I still can't believe I passed with no minors .... it shows the level of training I was given and I am so thankful to each and every one of you. The feeling riding back alone to the training centre after I passed was immense .... a total sense of freedom! It was a rocky start on the 125cc, I couldn't seem to get the hang of the 'U turn' and it wasn't until the Wednesday I managed to get on the 500cc. Everything seemed to click from then on and the extra days training with Steve paid big dividends for me, thanks Steve. I would like to do the ERS in the near future ..... hopefully get a bigger starter bike first then I can make my own way up to Blackburn ... on the motorway:o) Thanks again to everyone involved in helping me get through, I will certainly recommendWPM to any would be motorcyclist who wants professional training.

Hope to see you all soon, a very ecstatic Jason - Liverpool

Hi Lynne,

Just a quick email to thank Dave, Chris, Steve and Alan for their time and efforts in getting me through my DAS course. Great to have spent some hours in the saddle with them all and well worth it. Thanks again guys.

I have attached a photo of the local bike transport here in Pakistan. Personally I think they need some training in proper control and the use of the correct safety equipment !

Thanks again guys, I really enjoyed it.