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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

Hi Yvonne

I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the team that help to train me and help me pass the test

Thanks a million.



West Pennine are without doubt an exceptional motorcycle training school,

during my direct access course i had not been on a bike for over ten years and within 5 days of instruction passed my full test.

They where extremely help full with everything i needed and i would recommend anyone who lives near or far, that if you want to get quality training then use these.

Big Thanks To All The instructors and staff at West Pennine,

All The Best..

Would just like to say a massive thank-you to everyone at west Pennine!!I'm proud to say i passed both my mod1 and mod2 all the instructors were amazing!!! Always had a laugh and were always very friendly!! i would definitely recommend you to others!!!

Amee :)

P.S Alan, Huddersfield town all the way ;)


Thank you very much for all my training. I was so pleased to pass both modules first time! I surprised myself and my boyfriend! I have put a deposit down on an 04 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer. They are going to lower the suspension and seat for me because it is a little higher than the Honda CB400 I learnt on with you.

Anyway, I was very impressed with your training. At first I was a little upset (being a creature of habit) with the change of trainer on the third day but in the end it worked out perfectly. Steve was excellent for the first two days. He provided lots of chat over the radio which really drummed in all the observation and road positioning. He was happy to answer all my questions so that I could properly understand the reasons behind all the observations and road positioning. He was also very patient and calm if I made an error and the module one preparation was great. I got a lot of handy tips which kept me calm through m test. In my opinion he is an excellent trainer and really suited my style of learning. Then on the third day I was taken out by Chris. After two days of being guided quite heavily Chris's tuition was just what I needed. Not too much chat and so I knew that when I was carrying out the timely observations and road positioning, I was doing it of my own accord and without intervention.

The day of my module one I has yet another trainer, Alan. He helped me perfect my emergency braking just prior to the test and he really helped me to feel confident that I had it sewn up.

Then the scariest day ... my module two! Chris again and he really helped by keeping me calm. He also gave me a great bit of advice just prior to the test about not signaling too early (as he had noticed on the ride up to the test centre I had been signaling at the same time as observing). This bit of advice saved me from a fail. The examiner was impressed with my "making progress" and country lane cornering both of which I have Steve to thank for.

So thanks a lot for all your assistance. I would not hesitate in recommending West Pennine to friends. Once I've got used to my Fazer I may well sign up for some Advanced Training but for now I am looking forward to going out unsupervised next week! ;-)

Charlotte Coles.

Just a quick email, to say thank you for making me feel welcome. I had a great time training with your team. I was made to feel at ease with the training and I shall certainly recommend West Pennine to anyone I know wishing to take a course.

A big thank you to Steve and Alan, for there time, effort and patience, great guys - can't thank you enough for getting me through my test so smoothly.

Safe riding.

Kindest regards Steve. (from Essex)

Just want to say a massive thanks to Steve, Allan and Chris who all helped me to pass my bike test. They are excellent instructors and I'm grateful for there tuition i wouldn't have passed without it.

Thanks to everyone.


Hi there, I just thought I'd drop you a quick mail just to thank all the guys for the training I received over the last few days. I had my test today

and passed (admittedly with a second chance at the U-Turn as my foot went down and was given another go) The training was really good and all the instructors were patient and really put me at ease as the nerves were getting to me on the day of my test.

Thanks again Andy Rogers.

All the lads,

Its just sunk in that I've passed my full DAS licencetoday and I would like to thank you all for thetraining, advice and support you have given me over the past 4 days. I arrived a novice and now, after the excellent course have come out a confident rider, thanks.

Only issues I have now is when not on a bike and when I want to walk around in a semi circle I tend to bump into my 2 children and into furniturebecause I keep looking to a point i want to end at. Non the less, I can now always escape on a bike. (After the kitchens finished).

Again all, many many thanks. I will recommend to all.

David Hammond

Hi to all concerned - just a quick note to say thanks for the enjoyable 4 days I spent up there with you - I think the continuous rain was a small price to pay!! Chris - the first day for the cbt was great, you gave me confidence in riding and made it all seem easy. Phil - what can I say?? Two days spent training with you was valuable experience for me. I used what you taught me and therefore had no problems with the test. You said that you expected a clean sheet from me, but I don't like it when you are always right, so I got a single minor to prove you wrong!! Who cares - I passed!! Dave - you gave me the last drilling before the test, I think you most probablyteach a higher level than the test itself, but the hour or so I spent with you was definately worth it. Of course, not forgetting John who keeps the bikes maintained to a high level - thanks, you are doing a great job there. I am back in Maidstone, where the sun is shining and I am not back to work until Monday, so I am just waiting for the insurance guys to open up shop and then I'll be out on my bike in dry weather. Don't know if you guys know what it's like to ride in dry weather, but I'll let you know!! If it is possible, could someone also thank Tony at the B&B for me as I didn't get his email address.

Once again, thanks to all concerned.

Regards Brian Smith