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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

Professional, knowledgeable trainers who got me through my direct access. Passed the module 2 test with only 1 minor and hadn't sat on a motorbike for 20 years until turning up at West Pennine the week before.

Would highly recommend, they even got me time in the module 1 test area the day before my test.

Hello Yvonne

I would like you to pass on this message to Terry, Steve, Alan, Dave & Chris and yourself of course!

I wanted to give you all a big thank you for your persistence and patience getting me through my CBT/Mod I/Mod II tests that I took in October 2012.

I couldn't have done it without your help, encouragement and guidance, especially when I was being a bit dense, struggling to co-ordinate myself and forever forgetting to switch my indicators off!

So, once again, thank you all and I hope to be back to do the ERS next year!

Michael Howard


Hi there, just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone at West Pennine, I completed a DAS course with you last month and passed both mod 1 and mod 2 (2nd time lucky). I felt the instructors were all very polite and helpful, giving great instruction and advice. Ride safe everyone, thanks again.

Aiden (the one who crashed on his test, sorry about that!)


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Thank you very much for all my training. I was so pleased to pass both modules first time! I surprised myself and my boyfriend! I have put a deposit down on an 04 Yamaha FZ6 Fazer. They are going to lower the suspension and seat for me because it is a little higher than the Honda CB400 I learnt on with you.

Anyway, I was very impressed with your training. At first I was a little upset (being a creature of habit) with the change of trainer on the third day but in the end it worked out perfectly. Steve was excellent for the first two days. He provided lots of chat over the radio which really drummed in all the observation and road positioning. He was happy to answer all my questions so that I could properly understand the reasons behind all the observations and road positioning. He was also very patient and calm if I made an error and the module one preparation was great. I got a lot of handy tips which kept me calm through m test. In my opinion he is an excellent trainer and really suited my style of learning. Then on the third day I was taken out by Chris. After two days of being guided quite heavily Chris's tuition was just what I needed. Not too much chat and so I knew that when I was carrying out the timely observations and road positioning, I was doing it of my own accord and without intervention.

The day of my module one I has yet another trainer, Alan. He helped me perfect my emergency braking just prior to the test and he really helped me to feel confident that I had it sewn up.

Then the scariest day ... my module two! Chris again and he really helped by keeping me calm. He also gave me a great bit of advice just prior to the test about not signaling too early (as he had noticed on the ride up to the test centre I had been signaling at the same time as observing). This bit of advice saved me from a fail. The examiner was impressed with my "making progress" and country lane cornering both of which I have Steve to thank for.

So thanks a lot for all your assistance. I would not hesitate in recommending West Pennine to friends. Once I've got used to my Fazer I may well sign up for some Advanced Training but for now I am looking forward to going out unsupervised next week! ;-)

Charlotte Coles.

Just a note to say thank you for all your help in passing my DAScourse. You have achieved something in 3 days which a so called Professional school up here in Scotland couldn?t. Thanks to all instructors especially Alan whose use of the words "Interesting way to do that" is so much nicer than "You pillock".

Thanks for everything. Alex


I would just like to thank yourself, Dave and your team for making my DAS an enjoyable and safe course with expert tuition in horrible conditions.. Without you I wouldn't have passed 1st time. I will be recommending you to all future wannabe bikers in the future.

Regards John


Just wanted to say thanks to yourself, Steve, Alan, Chris and Terry for getting me up to speed on a bike and getting me through all the tests. Getting on my bike and riding off on my own feels great. Your training was worth every penny, especially since a trip to work on the bike costs me £8, compared to about £25 in the RS6. I hope to see you soon for the ERS.



Just a short note of thanks to you all for the assistance in getting me through my DAS test earlier this morning

Having failed my test 6 weeks ago on the ‘U Turn’ and a few minors my confidence was a little low-I made the change of instructors and came to West Pennine and found all the instructors excellent.

Special thanks to Alan (Great day one training) Terry, Chris and Steve this morning who got me quickly back up to speed having not ridden since last weeks test cancellation (Weather!)

I have already made my first recommendation to use you –To my wife!!

Thanks to you both for your support –Sorry for all the calls Yvonne

Best wishes for the future and the new tests-Which I don’t have to take!!

Garry Shaw

After today passing my test i would like to thank all involved for the help, support, and excellent tuition especially from Alan for my first two days and Steve for the last two, didn't get chance to thank Alan personally but his help was much appreciated.

Best wishes to everyone, Steve R.

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